We Build Value-Added
Real Estate Investments


What We Do

As a “value-add” real estate investment company, we seek and acquire properties in major markets that pose physical, managerial and/or demographic challenges – properties that require special turnaround efforts.


Our Approach

We minimize risks by using modest leverage and diversifying among properties and markets. Our flexible buy/hold/sell strategy allows us to be opportunistic, unconstrained by artificial investment horizons or unfavorable external economic forces.  As owners, we provide hands-on management of every property for optimum outcomes.


Our Mission

With our specialized focus and patience, we strive to offer uncommon investment opportunities to our investors and, over time, to produce uncommon portfolio results.  


About Our Firm

Since 1977, Kevlyn Investments has specialized in the acquisition, management and disposition of real property investments that typical investors might otherwise overlook.  Our ability to take challenged properties and create exceptional value and investments returns distinguishes us from typical real estate investment firms.


Kevlyn By the Numbers

Our portfolio highlights, from 1985 to the present.

Investment in Closed Projects

Gross Profit from Closed Projects

Current Portfolio Value

Years of Experience

We Achieve These Results By Taking A Different Approach


We Find Value

Anyone can recognize today’s value.  Real profits require you to find tomorrow’s values today.  Our rigorous investment analysis process is designed to do exactly that.

We Build Equity

You can’t rely solely on market appreciation for equity growth.  We know in advance the best strategic investments to make in our properties to build equity from within.

We Invest Together

At Kevlyn, we believe strongly in our investments choices, so our principals invest their personal funds in every project – on the same terms as each of our investors.

Investment Examples in Three Major Markets


Bayo Vista Apartments
San Raphael, California

This San Francisco Bay Area multi-family property aquisition ultimately led to a very profitable sale and two exchanges, including The Village Apartments.

John Alden Apartments
Seattle, Washington

This vintage property was acquired through a rather complex series of actions and when it was sold it led to an exchange acquisition in Colorado.

Turnberry Apartments
Aurora, Colorado

This multi-family property was acquired via an exchange.  It required a great deal of turn-around effort, but the result was well worth it.

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